0h Game Jam

During DST hour shift, we shift clocks backwards, so there's actually 1 hour between 2:00 am and 2:00 am. This is the best time in the year to make a game! Make a game in zero hours!

When does it start?

European Union - October 29 - 2:00 am CET == 1:00 am GMT
US & Canada - November 5 - 2:00 am each local time
Southern Hemisphere - Uhm.... sorry guys :(

What are the rules?

No rules, just make a game, quick!

Is there a theme?

No, if you need inspiration tho, there's a widget to submit / retrieve a random theme on this site.



Any hints?

* Lower expectations - your game is gona be crap, get ready to deal with it
* Be prepared - have a winning solution beforehand, test your framework
* Bugs - Don't even start to code something that you need to test! Also, don't fix bugs, it's a killer! Leave it buggy or code stuff out!

Why .eu?

It was free!



Submit a theme

by submitting you agree to gdpr shit

Submit game

Screenshot max 50kb

please don't hack!
by submitting you agree to gdpr shit

gdpr bullshit

close Data you submit on this website will be stored on a this server in Poland for the purpose of displaying it on this website for as long as it operates. I will store IP number too in case someone deserves a ban.

It will be there as long as this website operates.

Let me know at if you want it back, removed or updated.
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